Sherlock Holmes Public House

In 1957, Whitbread and Co. purchased an entire exhibition that had been put together for the Festival of Britain, following its return from a world tour. A permanent home was required following its homecoming to London, and Whitbread’s plan was to open up a themed pub in the centre of the city that would attract enthusiasts from around the world. The subject of this exhibition was of course Sherlock Holmes. The Inn that had been known as “The Northumberland Arms”, standing on Northumberland Street, soon became “The Sherlock Holmes”. The main attraction is a replica of Holmes’ and Watson’s sitting room and study, which relate to Sherlock Holmes and his exciting escapades. This room is given pride of place adjacent to the restaurant , where diners are able to view the whole area through a large glass partition, with additional viewing space through windows located in the hallway. Link to Pub Website.