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Sherlock Holmes Study (panorama).

The Museum Front Holmes dining table Dr. Watsons room

First we should establish that Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character and as such his address of 221b Baker Street never actually existed.

The fact that many believe him to be a real life detective, is a tribute to the compelling writing skills of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who penned four full length novels and 56 short stories featuring the now legendary detective. To his legion of followers throughout the world he is the archetypal English character, calm, rational, a trifle arrogant with a highly deductive mind. This together with the romantic setting of Victorian London with its Hansom Cabs and foggy gas lit cobbled streets, endears the character to all his followers and attributes a reality that tends to override fiction.

At 221b Baker Street you will find the Sherlock Holmes Museum, a recreation of the fictional detectives home that actually sits between numbers 237 and 239. The house has been dutifully constructed by the Sherlock Holmes International Society to match Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's vision of the detectives place of residence. Each room has been carefully researched and furnished to recreate the atmosphere of the stories and you will feel an instant recognition on entering the familiar study, which prominently features in all the episodes.

The rooms on view include Holmes famous study positioned at the top of a flight of 17 steps, this is strewn with his familiar possessions including deerstalker, magnifying glass, calabash pipe, violin, chemistry equipment etc. Adjoining the study is his bedroom and on the second floor is Doctor Watson's bedroom with housekeeper Mrs. Hudsons room at the front. The third floor contains exhibition rooms, with wax models depicting scenes from his celebrated cases.

Finally on the ground floor of the building is a souvenir shop with a unique collection of gifts antiques and memorabilia. This museum will appeal to all those who have enjoyed the books and many films created about the famous detective's cases.
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The Holmes exhibition Holmes Statue at Baker Street Station Sherlock Holmes public house near Charing Cross